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Episode 8

* Craig’s Top Tips - Top 5 Renovate Your Life Tips
* Craig's Interview - Craig chats with Olympic swimming champion and TV sports personality, Nicole Livingstone.
* Helen Bauzon (Dietician) - Helen talks to patients who have had gastric band surgery and discusses how it has changed their lives forever.
* Leisa's Kitchen - Leisa’s introduces us to a nutritious and delicious alternative to pre-dinner fatty snacks for the kids; Berry & banana smoothies.
* Lisa Westlake - Lisa discusses the importance of back health.


If you have two loaves of bread…

Suzie St George

There is a Chinese proverb that advises: If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a lily.

It reminds us of the often-overlooked wisdom that life is not just about survival, even in times of hardship. It is about making life beautiful no matter what the circumstances.  The spiritual light that keeps hope and trust alive glows more brightly when we connect to beauty. I learned how true that is in the recession of 1987.

That was the year I began my practice as a psychotherapist.  I had given up my regular income as high school teacher and launched into a new career that was not on the top of anybody’s recession budget. Suddenly I found that I was in great financial uncertainty. There was barely enough money to pay basic living expenses at the start of each week.

My stress levels went through the roof. Panic attacks became a regular event. Each day  I spent worrying, checking though my empty wallet, and worrying again. Nights were filled with fearful dreams. I needed the relaxation of a holiday but, of course, I couldn’t afford it.

Fortunately for me, I have often had sudden visions that have helped me through crisis. I have come to believe that we are all protected if only we connect to the guidance of our Spirit selves.  So it was that during one meditative moment, I sensed that if I imagined myself as a child at play I might find some answers to my stress.

I placed my hand on my heart, closed my eyes, and imagined filling my heart with the warmth and wellbeing that my soul feels for me. Immediately a  mop-headed smiling four- year-old appeared. She was so real I could speak to her without feeling at all foolish.

The first question sprung to mind easily.  “What do you think I should do today, Suzie?”

Her answer came unequivocally: “Get some flowers and arrange them in a vase.” 

I didn’t have money to buy lilies, but a supermarket bunch of daffodils was possible. Flowers that straggled over neighbours’ fences proved handy. An hour later I had a charming arrangement that transformed my bare room into a salon fit for a princess. I had proof that life could be abundant once again. And the relaxation came a flow of ideas about how I could make money until my practice took off.

For six more days, my inner child suggested weird and wonderful ways to regain my optimism.  On the seventh day, she did not speak but sat playing idly with white river pebbles. What could that mean? I thought. And then it struck me: “Stop worrying about where things are going. Do something just for the heck of it. But make it fun and make it pretty.”

It is advice I still apply, and from time to time I give my inner child a hug to thank her for the bread and lilies it brings.

Suzie St George is personal development educator and writer. You can read more about her work on...www.reach

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